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H11 3D Ganesha

In stock

Mould Size (mm): Set of 2 moulds

Number of Cavities: 1

Mould Name : Ganpati

Model Dimensions : 170 x 150 x 160mm high

A set of 2 chocolate moulds, the end result is a beautiful three dimensional chocolate idol of Lord Ganesh. The package comes with clips required to snap the two moulds together. Once the chocolate is set and cooled, further finishing by hand can be done to create a beautiful 3D sculpture. The cacao® Professional 3D Mould range are rigid moulds, especially made to last a lifetime when used with chocolates. Take proper care and use basic cleaning techniques to preseve the moulds. Cacao® Professional Moulds are made from 100% virgin and food grade PVC plastic and are reusable multiple times. These are the best quality flexible chocolate moulds available in India today. Compatible to be used with compound and coverture both, simple cleaning ensures mould quality is maintained over several production cycles. The mould material is a special formulation that gives it a unique capability to cool chocolates evenly and allows for easy de-moulding on tapping. The mould is strong enough to withstand rigirous tapping at room temperature without breaking - a process required to remove air from melted chocolate. These moulds are 100% recyclable as they are made from virgin material and they should be disposed off responsibly as per the local guidelines.
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