Our Brands & Objectives

Our Brands


From humble beginnings, Ipfco.com has today set an industry benchmark with its dynamic range of Cacao™ chocolate equipments. We are proud to hold India’s first registered brand that offers a complete solution for every chocolatier – Cacao™. What began once – in essence – as an experiment to create chocolate of perfect definition and flawless visual appeal, has today evolved into a guide-lined manufacturing process that gives professional quality products.

Every Cacao™ product is the result of our constant endeavor to achieve our primary objective: to provide the young and vibrant chocolate industry with products that encourages every chocolatier to enhance their skills and achieve perfection. We are proud to offer products of consistent quality that bare backed up with excellent technical support and hope that you have a pleasant experience with them.


The food manufacturing industry has moved towards globalization in terms of offering global cuisines using indigenous ingredients produced locally. To meet the challenges of packaging such foods, Ipfco.com presents its MITA™ food packaging containers – suitable for retail packaging, central kitchen applications and take-away purposes to name a few.

These containers are designed to meet the dynamic packaging needs of today – food security, package integrity, visual appeal and ergonomic design. With several containers targeted to specific food groups and applications, the focused approach to food packaging ensures our commitment to provide containers of consistent quality. In terms of product design, MITA™ Food Containers are market leading products that introduce new trends within food packaging.

Our Objectives

Ever since our inception, we aimed to be a one-stop-shop for our customers. Over 4 decades of experience and partnerships with sister companies has given us a strong platform to provide concrete service. Our objectives always have been and will continue to be straight forward:

  • To build a diversified product portfolio, and be the only company to provide products of high added value at cost-effective prices.
  • To always be open to all customers no matter how big or small.

We have always been a customer-oriented company that is dedicated to provide long-lasting products to an entire gamut of customers – from newly formed start-up business to fully staffed institutions. Over the years, the company has not only grown to expand its reach and deliver quality goods successfully to newer customer segments within India and abroad, but has also diversified to include a wide array of secondary products to present a more complete product portfolio.