Our Services

  • Apart from the dynamic product range of Cacao™ and MITA™, we offer technical guidance through our very own product guides. These guides are an accumulation of our experiences with our products and offer practical and precise guidelines to ensure our products deliver optimum results.
  • We aim to not only respond to all email support queries within 24 hours, but are also open to resolution of problems via direct telephonic discussions. Our management hierarchy is open for discussions should your problem be unresolved for prolonged periods of time. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.
  • We also undertake the manufacturing of a host of custom-designed products in the Cacao™ and MITA™ range. These offer unique opportunities for product-customization and greatly assist any forms of business to quickly establish a niche for itself in its segment. It also gives us newer challenges to accomplish and ensures our constant attention to our processes, thus allowing us to maintain the edge over our competition.