Cacao® Chocolate Melter 6 Kg

 25,000.00 + 18% GST

Dimensions (mm):425 x 325 x 125

Capacity: 6 Kg

Rating (V): 220 – 240V

Power (W): 180

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The melting machine is specifically used for gently melting chocolate and holding the temperature at a pre-selected temperature. The device consists essentially of a molded body made of plastic, in which the stainless steel basin is inserted. The bottom of the shell is heated by an electric device and the heat is transferred to the metal basin. The heater is regulated through an analog regulator circuit.

Electric water-less manual chocolate melting and manual tempering machine.
No-hassle full 1 year operational and machine parts warranty.

  1. Package Includes Melting machine with structure and lid in plastic, insert in stainless steel
  2. Temperature control in degrees (°C) up to 70°C
  3. Dry heating, without use of water
  4. Insert and lid included

Note: This product is not returnable for direct cash or credit refunds. Replacments are possible under certain circumstances as per actuals. Reach us before your purchase in case of further clarifications.

Weight6 kg

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