Safe Online Ordering

Do Not Share Personal Information

  • Ipfkart.com will never e-mail or call you to ask you to disclose or verify your ipfkart.com password, credit card or bank-account number, or any other personal information. If you are contacted or receive an unsolicited e-mail which asks you any of this information, disregard the request and report the incident to Ipfkart.com for investigation.

Identify False (Spoof or Phishing) E-mails

  • If you receive an e-mail asking you for personal information or directing you to a site other than Ipfkart.com, or asking you to pay outside of instructions received in the confirmation email, it could be a “spoof” or “phishing” e-mail and should be considered as fraudulent.
  • Genuine Ipfkart e-mails come from an e-mail address ending in “@ipfkart.com”. If you receive an e-mail in a different format i.e. ipfkart-security@hotmail.com, you can be sure that it’s fraudulent.
  • Some phishing e-mails contain links to websites that contain the word “ipfkart” somewhere in the URL but will take you to a completely different website. If you hover over the link you often can see the underlying URL which will be in a different format to those linked to within the Ipfco sites.
  • If you click though on a phishing e-mail and are taken to a page looking like “My Account” or anything that asks you to verify or change your personal details, you should consider it as fraudulent.

Protect your Password

  • Passwords are case sensitive and must be a minimum of six characters. Adding numbers or special characters will make it more difficult for others to guess.
  • If you are using a public computer (e.g. library, Internet cafe), always log out when you’ve finished using Ipfkart.com.
  • It is good practise to change your passwords periodically.